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Fresh Cream Cakes….

Fresh Cream Cakes….Always a firm favorite for over 50 years…

From Strawberry Tarts and Chocolate Eclairs to Black Forrest Gateaux’s….Fresh on the day and available every day in our High Street Shop.


IMG_2319  IMG_1541  IMG_1543

The NEW JIMMY CHOO Cake with the extreme high shoe really looks differant from […]

Playstation3 Cake

Sponge Playstation3 Cake….


For Kids […]

VUITTON Handbag Cake

VUITTON Designer Handbag Cake….


Sponge and Cream Cake covered in all icing…everything on this cake is edable except the […]

Wedding Cakes…

In our Wedding cake range we offer an extensive range of flavours and fillings which allows us to meet the specific tastes of each customer including the option of having different fillings for each tier.

  • Sunday 3rd, 2012
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